About the Creator

Seanie asked some of her closest family & friends to describe her. Here's what they had to say:

Passionate, Ambitious & Determined

"Seanie's passion for life makes her very ambitious. She has determination for the things she put her mind to"


“Fearless. Driven by passion to succeed in this life. Her perseverance allows her to follow her dreams. She works very hard, and that's because she loves what she does. Passion + Consistency = Success. That is Seanie Petersen”

Full-steam Ahead

“Seanie is a go-getter, she goes “full steam ahead” in the direction of her dreams. She is a dynamic person, which may explain why she so easily meets friends everywhere. Seanie is also the first person I call when I need creative advice.”

Great Teacher

"Seanie’s creativity is balanced. While being innovative - intrinsic to being a great teacher - it is also thoughtful and rational, foundations of her speech pathology background."

Creative & Generous

“Seanie Petersen is one of the most driven and organized people I know. Once she sets a goal, she pours her entire heart and soul into making her dreams come true. Not only does she have a creative mind, but she's generous and kind. Seanie loves to make the people in her life feel special and loved, and she does an incredible job at it.”

Woman with a zest for life and people!

“Seanie is a woman with a zest for life and people! She is an inspiration as she is always learning, continuing her education, and never scared of a new adventure. Whether she is traveling to a new country, living in a new state, changing her career path, or starting a new business venture, she will do it all with passion."

Hardworking & Ambitious

“Seanie is one of the most hardworking and ambitious people I've ever met. Never one to be bored, she is always positively using her creativity, whether it's helping children, friends, or others in the community. She's always laughing and bringing the fun everywhere she goes. Label Me Mine is the perfect representation of her personality."

Exemplifies passion and positive energy

“I have known Seanie for fours years, and in that time, she has amazed and awed me. From her unyielding compassion to her more aggressive brut and determination. Seanie used this determination in her educational path. She has a Bachelor of Science, a Master's in Education, and is now pursuing a master's in speech pathology. Seanie applied these skills during her time as a special-education teacher. She worked with students that required a little more time, patience, attention, understanding, and love. Seanie made sure that each one felt special and that each student received what they needed to thrive. Seanie takes this same kind of kill them with compassion, take no prisoner's attitude with her personal goals as well. She exemplifies passion and positive energy while working on tasks that bring her joy. She brings this joy and commitment to her new business endeavor. She wants to spread joy and remind people that they are thought of, cared about, and loved. I am 100% confident that Seanie will be a success with her future enterprises as she always brings her truest self to guide her path.”
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