About the Company

The Roots

Seanie found creativity to be an outlet from an early age. She rhinestoned just about anything and everything, especially flip flops (she loved giving them as gifts). You see, the only thing she liked more than rhinestones were birthdays. To this day, she believes birthdays are the absolute best days.

Celebrate Every Moment

Growing up, Seanie's mom always joked that she was never one to miss a beat, always going, going, and going. She loved being out and having a good time. Being still was not a forte of Seanie's. During stressful seasons, she found being still was a necessity. She found beauty in those still moments; beauty in the silence and in the growth. No matter what season you are in, Label Me Mine is here to celebrate it with you.

Live Your Life Out Loud

The phrase living life out loud has many meanings. Here at Label Me Mine, it means to live purposely and passionately, not to be scared of being different, and to live a life you're excited about. After much reflection, Seanie realized that times had changed, and with that change, teaching no longer set her soul on fire. Deciding to move on from teaching was scary, but imagining waking up every day and doing something she did not love, was even more frightening.  Seanie created Label Me Mine as a way to live her life out loud and she is so excited to share this journey with you all.

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