"Girls Night In" Trio of Spirit Tags
Spirt Tags + Girls Night In = A GOOD FREAKING TIME  Our Ribbon Whisperers told us we had to let you know there is no actual science behind this mathematical equation, but THERE IS lots of experience 💕 Trios include 3...
"Tequila Lovers" Trio of Spirit Tags
This Tequila Lovers Trio was designed for National Tequila Day 2020 #fiestsa #siesta #tequila #repeat   Trios include 3 individually wrapped Spirit Tags. Use them to gift bottles to friends (SAY GOODBYE TO GIFT BAGS) or gift them as they...
Wish You Were Beer - Spirit Tag
Kinda like wish you were here but with beer.
from $4.00
Soup of the Day - Spirit Tag
The only soup we like!   Spirit Tags- now in sets of 3!
from $4.00
Liquid Cleanse - Spirit Tag
What kind of other cleanse is there? 
from $4.00
Wine Sparks Joy - Spirit Tag
We prefer champagne, but we know all about YOU wine lovers!  Wine Sparks Joy Spirit Tag GRAB A BOTTLE (of wine)GRAB THIS TAGCELEBRATE REPEAT This FUN TIME is part of our "Girls Night In" trio of Spirit Tags. 
from $4.00
Tell Your Dog I Said Hi - Spirit Tag
This is for your friends who like your dogs more than you
from $4.00
#Bossy - Spirit Tag
"#BOSSY" bottle tag released especially for National Boss Day (Oct 16th). But if you missed it, it is never a bad time to thank a boss in your life. Extra-Spirited Spirit Tags are exactly that, extra spirited. This tag includes...
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